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18 hour timelapse shot with Mitchell S35 with Norris intervalometer.

Variable shutter speed controlled by Psion. longest and shortest shutter speed 8 seconds and 1/50th gradually changing with light.

Shutter angle operated by mini servo with LDR.

Moy head with stepper motors designed by Michael Geissler.

Shot from LPA balcony at Gravesend.

Notice rise and set of moon and its effect on tide.


Timelapse shot over six hours of the construction of charcoal oven by its inventor and designer Dan Thumwood. Visit Dan's company.

Shot with Sony F828 on an slider and Pan/Tilt head. Move designed by Ayumi Iskikawa

Harrison Ovens • the most beautiful, high-performing, solid-fuel ovens in the world

 Credits: ...
Edwardian Country House
                  on Channel 4   

The day I played the Edwardian cinematographer at Manderston.


My short appearance in series as Edwardian cinematographer. 
Using a hand cranked Williamson Paragon Cinematograph.
    I shot some sequences above and below stairs
and presented them later on a hand cranked
 Edwardian projector.

Giulietta degli spiriti (Nino Rota)
& (p) C.A.M. S.r.l

 Pemission to use this music was graciously given by

C.A.M. Original Soundtracks




Frames taken from the 35mm film
shot with the Williamson




A Major Series  for BBC Science


Mind Of A Murderer

 (Mask of Sanity)

Programme InformationBBC Two
Mask Of Sanity: First in a 3 part series
exploring what drives someone to murder,
and how science is now providing
remarkable new insights on the
disturbed world of the psychotic. W/S.  
FactualScience & Technology 


  BBC Two            

Titanic: sinking the myths -                 BBC TIMEWATCH

Produced by Catrine Clay

From the moment Titanic sank on 15 April 1912, with the loss of 1,503 passengers and crew, the newspapers were full of stories of heroism and villainy. Paul Louden-Brown separates the truth from the many surviving myths.

image of the sinking of the Titanic


Titanic, photographed at Southampton shortly before departure, 10 April 1912