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stereo picture of my Mitchell S35 on the motion control rig,
as used to shoot time lapse examples Click on picture to see them.
This rig will also track stars,planets or any celestial body.
I specialize and have cameras for timelapse and high speed on 
standard / super 8mm, 16mm & 35mm
Examples provided -

Motion Contol

Timelapse Moy Head on 1.5metre track which will carry any film or video camera



This is the Moy 10" Geared head with stepper motors controlled by PC software. The camera is mounted horizontally in an equatorial position to capture an unusual view over London of the sunset. Equatorial position means that the axis of rotation of the pan is parallel to the axis of the earth. In this instance the motor is driving it at the same speed as the rotation of the earth. The camera is an Eclair ACL with a stepper motor for timelapse. The camera motor has a PIC onboard to control the intervals which are programmed through a serial port. The camera has a 35mm anamorphic lens.  We shot ten minutes of film in five hours keeping the sun in centre of frame throughout from twoand a half hours before sunset to two and a half hours after.

The aperture is controlled by a servo with that yellow round gear on the lens. The servo is controlled by a light dependant resistor on the end of a lead so it can be pointed to a suitable target so as to track the general light level falling.


Four hour timelapse in HSBC foyer with two hour 180 degree pan showing customer traffic throughout busy part of day.

Interests & Special skills 

I am a keen collector and trader in antique and specialist stills and movie cameras.
I have a good professional knowledge of shooting all film formats,
even including super 8. This includes time lapse etc.
Parts of my collection have often been used for props - working or decorative.
I have a large database of specialist camera knowledge.