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Cinematography for Tacita Dean

One year showing at Tate Modern 2006-2007

Part of Tacita's body of work nominated for the Turner Prize

Disappearance at sea by Tacita Dean

Cinematography in Anamorphic 16mm By John Adderley, each film projected as Anamorphic 16mm film in a dark gallery

A film art installation by Alix Poscharsky
Cinematography by John Adderley
as described in the Spring Zerb (Magazine of the Guild of Television Cameramen
Promo Video for The 411
Partly shot by me using a wooden Williamson Paragon Cinematogaph handcranked wooden camera



Martin Pickles - Time Travellers of 1908

Hand Crank film entirely shot on a Williamson Paragon Cinematograph



Tacita Dean Fernsehturm 16mm anamorphic film with optical sound

Evoking the days of the Iron Curtain. The suspensionof time still hovering over Berlin. Shown at Tate Britain
Television Tower BERLIN revolving restaurant screened in NEW YORK 

Total Eclipse of the Sun - BANEWL

Tracking the sun with the motion control head using a 300mm anamorphic lens and employing three camera operators, the  intense experience of a total eclipse of the sun was recorded on anamorphic 16mm . The film is projected in a gallery so the viewer can appreciate the experience of a  magnificent natural phenomenon.

Copyright © 1998TTiger             John Adderley

To The Ends

of the Earth 


Directed by

 Christopher Swayne


To The Ends of The Earth

Phantom Tiger

50 minute documentary on a zoologist's search for the Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) in the forests of Tasmania and in the minds of Tasmanians.



Producer - Robert Marshall two versions, one for BBC & one for NHK

Six programmes tracing the path of the Mongol Empire across the Asian continent to Europe and down to Egypt and India.

Friendly Locals help filming in Herat in Afghanistan. The foundations of the citadel were laid by Alexander The Great.


BBC Programme  Producer / Director BBC Producer / Dept.
Storm From The East 
Robert Marshall
History Unit
Timewatch               A Light In The Dark -
A story about the Jewish people who
 survived for months in the Sewers of Lvov
Robert Marshall
Bukharin and the terror of the Russian SHOWTRIAL purges Jane Treays
One Foot In The Past     Grand Hotel - St.Pancras Jamie Muir
 BBC Music & Arts
Omnibus                    Leonard Cohen Bob Portway
                                                     B.B.King Ian Potts
                                                     Ianis Xenakis Mark Kidel
                                                     Malkovitch Anna BensonGyles
                                Kurt Weill -  The American Years Barrie Gavin
Nightmare At Canary Wharf   A year in the life of
Janet Street-Porter at !LIVETV!
Robert Thirkell
Earth Story David Sington 
Mind of a Murderer Debbie Cadbury
Horizon               The New Darwin David Sington 
John Lynch
                                   Dawn of The Clone Age - Dolly  Debbie Cadbury
                                   Planet Hunters Danielle Peck
                                   A Code In The  Nose Isabelle Rosin
                                   Living Death Isabelle Rosin
                                   A Life In Ice Tim Haines
                                   Gulf War Debbie Cadbury
Troubleshooter                 Copella Robert Thirkell Robert Thirkell
Trouble at the Top  Robin Rides Again Bill Grist
                                           Shape up with Lord Thurso Clare Duggan
                                           The Ghost of Brocket Hall Ashok Prasad
                                           Gerald Ratner Michele Kurland

Nick Mirsky

The Bounce Back Kid  - Mark Goldberg TV Jobshop

Kim Shillinglaw Robert Thirkell

Under The Sun           Welcome Home Comrades

*-(1st Prize Geneva film festival)*

A drama shot in "war torn" Namibia

Adam Low
Everyman             You Canít Shoot The Truth.

The legasy of bloody sunday in Lithuania

Catherine Seddon

Inside Story                         School

Liesel Evans Richard Denton
The Bookworm            Oscar Wilde Mark Rogers
Children’s Hospital -  Alder Hey  dir - Geoffrey Smith Michael Holdey John Triffitt
Landmarks                                       Pakistan Peter Evans
Panorama                                         Child B 
                           * (Royal Television Society special commendation) 23/2/96*
Mike Robinson
Make or Break Nicola Bungey Robert Cooke
BBC Late Show                       Tokyo Newtown 
                                     * 1991 BP Arts Journalism Award  - 1st Prize  *
Martin Davidson
BBC Music & Arts

Independent Productions                                  Producer / Director   Producer / Company 
Berlin Airlift Project  Robert E Frye  Bolthead Communications
To the Ends of the Earth     

Phantom Tiger  (C4) 

 Chris Hale Frances Berrigan / Cicada
History Through Art Tom Stanier Patricia Williams /Case TV
The Commuters                  Short Drama on DVPro Lawrence Walford 
Yorkshire Building Society  Corporate Alice Meacham  TVI
Various training films for Waitrose Alice Meacham Partners Walters Meacham
Stonehenge                    Secrets of the Stones Roger Finnigan & 
Alice Keens-Soper
Yorkshire TV
Art Nouveau film for National Gallery of Art Exhibition Carroll Moore National Gallery of Art

Washington DC

Henry Moore film for National Gallery of Art Exhibition Carroll Moore National Gallery of Art

Washington DC


Edouard Vuillard
[French Post-Impressionist/Nabi Painter, 1868-1940]
Carroll Moore National Gallery of Art

Washington DC


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Carroll Moore National Gallery of Art

Washington DC


                         Art Films                 Artist                    Title 
Mise en Scene at the ICA           TACITA DEAN  The Martyrdom of St.Agatha
    Now showing
    Berwick Ramparts Project 
         TACITA DEAN Disappearance at sea 
1998 Turner Prize Nomination
Art Now at The TATE         TACITA DEAN Foley Artist

                     Timelapse       Producer    Shots                                    
BBC The Planets       David McNab         Southern night skies  
             - 35mm -
20 Steps to Better Management        Robert Cooke        Cityscapes & Commuters    
             - Super 8 -


Jeremy Daldry

Motion control Timelapse